Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinic


When you make your first appointment with us, patient registration forms will be emailed to you for you to fill out and bring with you to your appointment, or you can fill out the forms at the clinic prior to your scheduled clinic time. Please arrive 30 mins. ahead to afford time for the initial pre-appointment administrative paperwork process. Please bring with you your insurance card (if any) and a photo ID.

Some insurance plans require a physical therapy referral order or prescription from your primary care provider. Please bring the referral order/script with you or ask your medical provider to fax it to our office. Indiana is a "Direct Access" state meaning that you may come for physical therapy without a referral order for a 24-calendar-day-period, after when a referral order will be necessary. A Plan of Care generated by Hope PT's Physical Therapist following your appointment will be sent to your designated primary care provider to be signed and returned to Hope PT to become a part of your medical record.


Some insurance plans require precertification or prior authorization for coverage and payment for physical therapy. The patient is responsible for ascertaining whether or not physical therapy treatment is covered and payable by the patient's insurance plan. Hope PT LLC will file your insurance claim with your carrier if you present us with your insurance card, and we will do our best to help with your plan's advance requirements (such as faxing a request for authorizarion), but precertification or prior-auth when required and prior to your appointment is not always obtainable through our office prior to your appointment.

IN-NETWORK and OUT-OF-NETWORK Insurance Coverage

Hope PT is in-network for several insurance carrier plans but not all. We strive to be a network provider in all network plans, but it's realistically not always possible. Your insurance plan will list us as a network provider if we are in your plan's network of providers. We accept YOUR insurance and you only pay any deductible, co-pay and co-insurance amounts for the date of service if we are out-of-your-network. We afford the option of offering to patients our current cash-pay-rate with no insurance being filed (whether or not we are in your plan's network of providers) or filing your visit's claim with your insurance carrier with the patient responsible for remitting to Hope PT the patient's usual deductible, copay and coinsurance amounts according to your insurance plan as if Hope PT was in your plan's network.


There are 2 types of clinic visit payments for a patient:  Insurance Filing or Cash-Pay Rate. 

Patients may choose between being cash-pay for services with no insurance claim being filed. This means the payment made does not apply toward any insurance deductible. Or, patients may choose to have us file a claim with the patient's insurance carrier. All deductible, co-pay and coinsurance amounts apply and are to be paid by the patient to Hope PT LLC.


We accept referrals for Workers' Compensation cases through various Workers' Comp networks.

PIP (Personal Insurance/Injury Protection via Auto Insurance & others)


We accept cash, check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, HSA (Health Savings Account) cards.